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Best Price Online! Luer Lock and Slip Cap Distillate Glass Syringes

Our 1ml Syringes are only $0.95/each if you buy in the month of March! This promo will be available for a limited time!

Here are specifications on our Glass Distillate Syringe and why they are great for your distillate and extract products:

  • High-Grade Borosilicate Glass

  • Heat Resistant and Air Tight

  • Quality Med Grade and Sterile Packaging

  • Measurement of 0.1ml Increments for Accurate Dispensing

Here are specifications on our Clear 1ml Glass Syringe Tubes:

  • High Grade Plastic Tubing

  • Air Tight

  • Perfectly sized to fit 1ml Glass Luer Lock or Slip Cap Syringes

  • Comes with Standard Black Color Cap


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