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  • What’s the mininum order quantity for custom packaging products?
    We have different minimum order quantities for different types of packaging products: Custom Bags: 1000 per design Custom Boxes: 500 per design Custom Labels: 500 poly labels or 50 paper labels per design Custom Jars and/or Silicone Lids: 2500 per design Custom Syringes: 5000 per design Custom Printed 5x5" Parchment paper: 250,000 Sheets per design Please email us at for a quote on your custom promo product
  • What is your minimum order quantity and pricing for custom promo products?
    We have different minimum order quantities for different types of promo products: Custom Dab Mats: 250 per design Custom Hats: 250 per design Custom Apparel: 100 per design Custom Lanyards: 100 per design​ Please email us at for a quote on your custom promo product
  • What type of labels do you make?
    We can pretty much make labels for any application you require. We have many options for different shapes, sizes, materials, coatings and adhesive.
  • Can you make the custom precut parchment paper size 4"x4" ?"
    Yes, we can make any custom size parchment from 3x3" to 36"x36" as long as our minimum order quantity is met.
  • What’s the average turnaround time for a Custom Product Order?
    Different products have different turnaround/lead times requirements Custom Bags: 4-4.5 weeks Custom Boxes: 3.5-4 weeks Custom Labels: 1-1.5 weeks or 3-5 days (Paper only) Custom Jars: 3.5-4 weeks Custom Lanyards: 3.5-4 weeks Custom Syringes: 3.5-4 weeks Custom Parchment paper: 4-4.5 weeks Custom Hats: 5-6 weeks Custom Dab Mats: 3.5-4 weeks (Above turnaround/lead times are estimates and only counted after receipt of deposit from the client and written artwork approval)
  • Can you edit or make minor changes to our existing logo?
    Yes we can. Design charges are dependent on the amount of work and time required to complete it. For an estimate, please email us your design at and let us know what you would like to change
  • Do you have design dieline/template for different custom products?
    Yes we do. Dielines and templates can be provided to you when you are ready to submit us your final design file.
  • How much does it cost to get a label or bag designed?
    It really depends on each individual job. Please email us with your design requirements for an estimate.
  • If I have my own design how long does it take to get my order?
    Anywhere from 3.5- 5 weeks after receipt of deposit and your approval of the production proof.
  • Where are you located?
    We are a Canadian owned business based out of Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Can you ship orders outside of Canada?
    Yes, we ship orders all around the world.
  • Do you print labels on the bags or do you make custom labels that are put on the bag?
    Yes, we print labels which you can stick on the bag, we currently do not offer a label application service.
  • Why should we order our products from you?
    We have worked with the Canadian medical and recreational cannabis community for over several years and have developed the proper materials needed for packaging various types of products the industry has to offer. You can feel assured that our production quality and customer service will help your brand grow to the next level.
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