BeeHighve buzzing with N.L.'s first licence to sell local cannabis

The company started in Corner Brook in 2018

CBC News·Posted: May 06, 2020 7:36 PM NT

Mark German and Rita Hall are the vice-president and president, respectively, of BeeHighve, the first company in the province to receive a licence to sell locally cultivated cannabis. (Jennifer Grudić/CBC)


A Corner Brook business is the first Newfoundland and Labrador company authorized to sell its own cannabis.

BeeHighve — already the first company in the province licensed, in November 2018, to cultivate its own cannabis — has been granted a licence to sell medical and recreational products.

BeeHighve vice-president Mark German said the process has been long — the new licence was granted just last week — but the company is excited to move forward after over a year of waiting.

"It means that we can move forward and keep going," German told CBC Newfoundland Morning. "We actually started renovating the building here in 2018, so it's been a long time that we've been constructing, renovating, and operating without any revenue coming in."

"So certainly being able to sell is going to hopefully start us on the other side when we have money coming in instead of just going out."

The company grows and sells what it calls "craft cannabis." German said the cannabis production in Corner Brook is done entirely by hand, in hopes of providing a more robust product for customers.

BeeHighve also plans to use Newfoundland ingredients in its products, including blueberry edibles and cannabis-infused honey.

BeeHighve aims to include Newfoundland ingredients in its products, including cannabis-infused honey. (Jennifer Grudić/CBC)


"When we started in the industry, we certainly realized we're not going to be a huge multinational company like some of them out there," German said. "We were looking at where we would fit in sort of the craft spaces, where we thought the opportunity was.

"We don't have a highly automated facility here. We have people looking at each plant every day. We're taking care of the plants by hand," he added.

The BeeHighve facility employs nine workers, and the company hopes to expand to about 20 people following renovations and the opening of a retail store.

Now that the company is licensed to sell by Health Canada, they must now negotiate with the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation for a distribution deal to ship its cannabis around the province.

"Hopefully soon, within this month for sure, we'll have a supply deal with the province and we'll be able to ship our product to all of the different retail outlets."

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