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Making Your Business


We provide high-quality packaging design in the

cannabis industry.

Step 3

Final Product

After brain storming, and design process, we will make your products become real. You will get physical products from us. 

Step 1

Design Idea

For design idea is base on client's idea, we will give them some of our packaging ideas. For example: we will give some ideas of what packaging products they can use for their own cannabis products. 

Step 2

Design Solution

We are solving client's questions. If our client choose box for their products, we will provide them what style they can use, what finish would be, and what shape will be. We can provide our best solution for them. 

Azark Extracts

Cannabis packaging Design

Custom designed cannabis packaging for Azark Extracts. We did logo design, bag design, and label design. According to the customer's requirements, we made a triangle logo with a cannabis flower inside. Click "Read More" for a more detailed design process. 

Our Achievements

Our company has over 10 years of experience in the packaging industry. They are more than 500 clients had chosen us. We finished more than 1800 packagings for our customers.  And also, we have over 2200+ followers on Instagram, you can follow us on our Instagram account ( @urbanlpkg, @urbanleafpkg ) right now! And then, you will know our company news and events faster than anyone else.









Looking for designs?

We have over ten years of successful experience in the food packaging sphere in North America.

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