First Stage - Design Idea

We communicated with our client via email and phone to go over the idea and concept needed for Azark Extracts. We asked various questions to understand the product they planned to sell, the design styles they preferred for the brand and the type of packaging solution they were wanting to use. From the initial conversation, they wanted to only sell concentrates and they liked the idea of a triangle and flower in the logo. 

Magazine Pile

Part A - Logo Design

Since Azark Extracts did not have a logo, we designed one for them based on ideas we brainstormed together. We provided some initial hand-sketched drawings and than moved onto a digital design. Based off their specific requirements, we used the shape of a triangle to show the brands initial letter "A". The cannabis symbol in the middle is to clearly indicate the type of products their brand specializes in. The black and gold color theme was to help represent the high quality nature of the products inside the packaging. 

digital logo.jpg

Second Stage- Design Solution

hand drawn logo.jpg
Digital bag design.jpg
label design.jpg

Part B -Packaging Design

During this stage, we had already determined the type of style Azark Extracts desired so that we could start designing their physical packaging. We created a subtle pattern background on their bag with a matte gloss finish. The pattern represented the clients logo which was a triangle. Due to the various products required, we designed a custom concentrate bag which could be product specific using different labels. The product group for the labels were designed using three colors so that it was visually clear whether it was a Sativa, Indica or Hybrid Strain.  All the product specific details were provided by the client and put on each strain label.

azark extract real pic.jpg

Last Stage - Final Product

In the last stage, our client proceeded with using us for the manufacturing of their packaging. A total of nine different strain labels and one bag style was produced for them. All the colors and finishes came out the way it was suppose to based off our design and our clients requirements.