STEP 1 - Design Idea

As our customer, we will either meet you in person or speak to you by phone. After speaking to you, we will try to understand your idea first, such as what products you are going to sell, and what packaging solution you are going to choose. According to this, we will ask you some questions, such as, do you have a logo? Do you want a black or white theme for your packaging etc? And next, we will move to the next step which is design solution.

Part A - Logo Design

If customers don't have their logo yet, we will design a logo for them. Our company will provide some hand-drawn logo or digital logo. 

For example, this Azark Extracts, according to the customer's requirement, we use the triangle shape to show the letter "A". Our customer owns a cannabis company, we decide to put a cannabis flower symbol in the middle. And after they approved our design, we will move to the next part.

STEP 2 - Design Solution

Part B -Packaging Design

At this step, we will follow the customer's requirements, and then we will start to design their packaging.

In this case, the customer asks for a pattern background on their backside of the bag. Because their logo is a triangle shape, we decide to make a triangle pattern with the cannabis flowers inside. And we put a big upside-down triangle area for them to glue their label on. For the front side of the bag, we will put their logo on it. 

For the label design, base on their logo shape, we use an upside-down triangle to match the bag design. Also, the customer asks to have an image to present their cannabis strain name, so we use some real images to present it, such as "white berry" etc. As you can see there are three colors for the labels, each color actually means a different type of cannabis: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid.

Final Product

Azark Extracts Concentrate bag

This is the final step, the customer will see their real products.

We designed 1 gram concentrate bags and labels for Azark Extracts. They have nine flavors for their concentrates. We hope they will like our designs and their customers will like their products.