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After a decade of providing the best quality packaging in the food and medical industry, we realized that there was a huge unmet need for quality packaging in the cannabis industry. Selling flower in cheap, plastic, non-smell proof zip-lock bags was the norm. We talked to dozens of companies and discovered that premium packaging solutions were non-existent. In 2014, we decided to set a new standard for this industry and embarked on our journey to provide the best packaging solutions for cannabis producers and retailers.

Fast forward to the present day, our hard-working team has had the opportunity to supply over 70 million packages and work with over 100+ brands across Canada and the US. Our reputation as a premier supplier of cannabis related packaging gives cannabis producers and retailers confidence that we can provide them with a customized solution for their packaging needs.  

We are driven by our belief that a premium product deserves premium packaging. It takes a lot of work to grow, extract, distill and process high quality cannabis and that effort must be respected and accompanied by high quality packaging. Our team is meticulous in what we do and we are proud to have earned the trust of our customers.

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Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

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